Screen printing ink that is super easy to use! We have a large range of opaque colours, that can be mixed easily so you can create your own tones as quick as a flash.  This ink has been specially formulated to be used on, fabric, paper and card.



  • Highly opaque.
  • Good printability.
  • Bright colours.
  • Good washing resistance.
  • Soft feel.
  • Matte Finish.
  • A great option for Newbies and Pros.


How to use

Best used with our Crafty Screen Aluminium Screen, once printed you can cure/fix by using a Heat Press, Heat Gun or Leave to air dry and use an iron to fix the print to the fabric. If using an iron make sure you use heat resistant paper to protect your print. 


Please note that the print needs to be cured at 165°C ideally for 2-3 minutes.


Clean Up!

Waterbased Inks are super easy to clean, you can simply use water or for extra cleaning power, you can use our ready-made Eco Screen Wash   


Health and Safety

Please read the product data sheet before using.

Crafty Screen Waterbased Ink- Raven Black 500g


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